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Book 1 Unit 5Do you have a soccer ballTask 1 Learn new words in groups of foursoccer ballbasketball baseball batping-pong table tennistennis tennis racket ping-pong batvolleyballDo you know themsoccer ballbasketballbaseballbaseball batping-pong batbadminton racketshuttlecockChallenge your eyesbadmintonWhat is missing1a1.tennis racket___2.ping-pong ball__3.soccer ball__4.volleyball__5.basketball__6.TV_caefdbI have a soccer ball.Do you have a soccer ballYes, I do.No, I don’t.I don’t have a ping-pong bat.Do you have a ping-pong batYes, I do.No, I don’t. I have a basketballDo you have a___________Yes, ____ ____.I don’t have a ___________.___ you _______ a _______No, ___ _____.I ______ __ _________.________________________Yes, __ _____.I ____ _____ _ ______ ______.Do you have_______ _________No, __ ______.basketballI dobaseballDo have baseballI don’thave a volleyballDo you have a volleyballI dodon’thave a tennis rackettennis racketI don’tConversationMake a conversation about thethings in the pictures.Do you have a / an Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.SurveyMake a survey What we have most in our classnames basketball volleyball soccer ballfootball ping-pong battennis racketbadminton racketJimDo you have a / an Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.Pair workMake a conversation with your partner according to the surveyyou made just now.Does he / she haveYes, he/ she does. / No, he / she doesn’t.Pair workLook at the model. Then make a conversation with your partner . Model A Let’s play soccer.B I don’t have a soccer ball.A Well, let’s play volleyball.B That sounds good. 1b Listen and circle the words you hear.Ping-pong bat soccer ball volleyball computer gameA Do you have a computer gameB No, I don’t.A Do you have a ping-pong batB Yes, I do.QQ brothers Do they haveWelcome to our playroomTVvolleyballsoccer ballbasketballping-pong ballping-pong bat____________plays ping-pong ball.Wang Nantennistennis racket_________plays tennis.basketballvolleyballsoccer ball football橄榄球 Book 1 Unit 5Do you have a soccer ballThe Third PeriodDo you have aYes, I do.GuessDoes she have football/volleyball/tennisShe has ping-pong .Does he haveHe has a baseball.Does he haveHe has a badminton racket.He has golf.Does he haveA chantI have, you have, they have.She has, he has, Mary has.Do I ,do you ,do theyDoes she ,does he ,does MaryI don’t ,you don’t ,they don’t.She doesn’t, he doesn’t, Mary doesn’t.Match the words with the pictures.1. interesting 2. fun 3. boring 4. relaxing 5. difficultWhat do the pictures meanfundifficultinterestingrelaxingboringA Let’s .B That sounds play tennisplay computer gamesplay soccer ballplay baseballplay volleyballplay basketballwatch TVgood/interesting/difficult/boring/fun/relaxing/....Look at the pictures and guess what he / she says. It’s fun.It’s difficult.It’s interesting.It’s relaxing.It’s boring.It’s fun.It’s relaxing.It’s interesting.It’s interesting.It’s relaxing. It’s difficult.Soccer let’s have don’tsoccerLet’s haveA Let’s play soccer.B I don’t have a soccer ball.A Well, let’s play volleyball.B That sounds goodinterestingfunboringdifficultrelaxing.A Let’s play soccer.B I don’t have a soccer ball.A Well, let’s play volleyball.B That sounds goodThink it overIf you want someone to play ping pong with you. What can you sayLet’s play ping-pong.Shall we play ping-pongWhat / How about playing ping pongWhy not play ping pong with meWhy don’t you play ping pong with meDo you want to play ping pong with meWould you like to play ping pong with meWould you mind playing ping pong with me Ed Smith has a great sports collection. He has 8 tennis rackets, 9 basketballs, and 7 baseballs. He has 3 soccer balls and 5 volleyballs.But he doesn’t play sports- he only watches them on TV.Answer the questions1.Who has a great sports collection2.What does he have3.Does he play sports4.Is he interested in对感兴趣)sports Ed Smith has a great sports collection.He has 8 tennis rackets,9 basketballs,and 7Baseballs,3 soccer balls and 5 volleyballs.No, he doesn’t.Yes, he is. Sonia Hall has a sports collection. She ______ five __________, eight__________, four _______________,and three ____________. She ______sports every day.has baseballsbasketballs tennis racketssoccer balls playsIntroduce yourselfYes,I do, Do you have a ballLet’s play soccer.That sounds good, Do you have a tennis racketNo, it’s boring.Let’s play tennis.Yes, I do. I have a basketball.514236ping-pong ballping-pong bat____________plays ping-pong ball.Wang Nanping-pong bat soccer ball volleyball computer game1a Listen and circle the words you hear. 3 1 4 22a Number the picture1-4动画学课文第七集 课文UNIT5可用.swfA Do you have a ___________,PeterB No, I don’t.A Does your brother Alan have oneB _____________.soccer ballYes, he doesWhat may they talk about他们有可能在谈论什么A Hi, Mike.B Hi,Ed.A I want to play _________.Do you have a _________ B Yes, I do.A______.basketballbasketballGreat A Hi, Sally.B Hi, Jane.A Sally, this is my friend, June.BHi, June. Nice to meet you.C Nice to meet you, Sally.B Let’s play ______________. Do you have a __________, JaneA Sorry,__________tennistennis racketI don’tA Do you have a __________,BarryB ____________ . But my brother does. Let’s go and find him.volleyballNo, I don’tMatch the words with the pictures.1.interesting ___ 3. fun ___ 5. relaxing ___2. boring ____ 4. difficult ___c b ad e√ √√ √What does Tony say about these activitiesplay computer game interestingplay volleyballwatch TVplay basketballdifficultboringfun二、句子1. 本单元应该掌握的句子1. Do you have a TV Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.2. Do they have a computer Yes, they do. / No, they don’t.3. Does he have a tennis racket 4. Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t.5. Let’s watch TV.6. No, that sounds boring / great.2. 本单元要求熟悉的句子1. I want to play basketball.2. I don’t have a soccer ball.3. Volleyball is so difficult.4. Ed Smith has a great sports collection.5. She plays sports every day.3. 本单元可以扩展的句子1. Can you play basketballYes, I can. / No, I can’t.2. Why do you like ping-pongBecause it’s interesting / easy3. What balls do you have4. My favorite sport is.5. What club do you want to join Why壹.短文改错 读下面的对话,判断每行是否有错,如有错,请找出并改正.A Excuse me, Li Ping. Do you have a color pencilB Sorry, I do.A Do you think Lin Tao have oneB Yes, I think so. You can ask for him.A Lin Tao, can I borrow you color pencil, pleaseC Yes. What color are you wantA The yellow it.C Here you are.A Thank you. I can give it back soon.C That’s right.do 改为 don’thave 改为 hasare 改为 doit 改为 oneThat’s all right.二. 补全对话.A Let’s play _________, OKB Sorry, I don’t have a volleyball. _____ I have a basketball.A I _____ want to play basketball. I only want to play volleyball.B Who _____ a volleyball Do you knowA Maybe Tom has one. Let’s go and ask him.AB Hi, Tom _____ you have a volleyballC No, I ______. _______ Peter have onevolleyballButdon’thasDo don’t Does AB Oh, he ________.ABC Hi, Peter Do you have a volleyballD Yes, I do. But it is at home.ABC ________ to hear thatB Well, let’s play basketball. OKAC OKABC Peter, please _________ us.D OK Let’s play Sorry joindoesA Do you have a TV B Yes, I do./ No, I don’t.A Do they have a computerB Yes, they do./ No, they don’t.A Does he have a tennis racket B Yes, he does./ No, he doesn’t.A Does she have a soccer ball B Yes, she does./ No, she doesn’t.A Does it have a ping-pong ball B Yes, it does./ No, it doesn’t.A Does the dog have a friend B Yes, it does./ No, it doesn’t.A Does Peter have a baseball bat B Yes, he does, No, he doesn’t.一般疑问句A Are you MarkB Yes, I am. No, I’m not.A Is he in the roomB Yes, he is. No, he isn’t.A Are they Jim and TonyB Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.A Is it a map of ChinaB Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.A Are these your pencils and pensB Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.A Is that an ID cardB Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.A Is she Alice’s auntB Yes, she is. No, she isn’t.一般疑问句I am a student.He is my brother.She is his mother.This is her eraser.That is your computer game.It is his ruler.They are hie parents.These are her cousins.Those are in the classroom.I have a TV.You have a basketball.They have a soccer ball.He has a dictionary.She has some hats.It has four legs. 否定句notnotnotnotnotnotdon’tdon’tdon’tHe doesn’t have a dictionary.She doesn’t have any hats.It doesn’t have four legs.notnotnot句型转换句子变脸,会按要求给下列的句子变变脸吗1.I have some baseball bats.改为一般疑问句,并作肯定回答________________________________________________2.We have a big TV in our house. 改为否定句________________________________________________3.She has many things to do today.改为一般疑问句,并作否定回答________________________________________________4.Kate has some money in her pocket.改为否定句________________________________________________5.My parents have five good friends.就划线部分提问_________________________________________________Do you have any baseball bats Yes, I doWe don’t have a big TV in our house.Does she have many things to do today No, she doesn’t.Kate doesn’t have any money in her pocket.How many good friends do your parents have6.The books are in the bookcase.改否定句____________________________________________7.The baseball is under the bed.改一般疑问句____________________________________________8.The pictures are on the wall.对划线部分提问____________________________________________9.Is the CD on the sofa做肯定回答____________________________________________10.Are the chairs next to the table做否定回答____________________________________________The books are not in the book ase.Is the baseball under the bedWhere are the picturesYes, it is.No, they aren’t. 改错请 ,给下面的句子 会 1.My brother like playing basketball.__________________________________________.2. Do she have a computer___________________________________________3. Let’s play the volleyball.___________________________________________.4. We have many club.___________________________________________.5. Sorry, I not know. ___________________________________________.My brother likes playing basketball.Does she have a computerLet’s play volleyball.We have many clubs.Sorry, I don’t know. 的单 name-namessister--sistersfather--fathersdesk--desksfriend--friendsplant--plantsbasketball--basketballs动 的第 单 have- has do –does know-knowsneed- needsbe- islet-lets play-playsI m a Chinese boy. My name is Zhang Tian. I m thirteen. I m in Class Seven, Grade One.I have a good friend at school. He is from the United States. His name is Dick. He is in Class Seven, Grade One, too. He is twelve. Our English teacher is Miss Liang. She is a good English teacher. 根据短文判断下列句子的正(T)和误(F)( )1.I m twelve, and my friend is thirteen.( )2.I m in Class One, Grade Two.( )3.My friend isn t a Chinese boy.( )4.My friend is in Class Seven, Grade One.( )5.Our English teacher is a man.读 FFTTFTalk showModel My collectionI have an eraser collection. I have 4 animal erasers. 6 cartoon erasers. 12 fruit erasers. I like collecting erasers. It’s very interesting.Talk about your collection.