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soccer ballbasketballsoccer ballvolleyballbaseball baseball bat ping-pong ballping-pong battennis ballWhat’s this in EnglishIt’s a .[beisbɔl] [ p‵ ɪŋ pɔŋ] soccer ball 英式足球 basketball 篮球 volleyball 排球 baseball 棒球 baseball bat 棒球棒 ping-pong ball 乒乓球 ping-pong bat 乒乓球拍 tennis ball 网球 Learning1. tennis ball __2. ping-pong bat__3. soccer ball __4. volleyball __5. basketball __6. baseball bat __afcedb1a Match the words with the things in the picture.Game Who has the best eyes 谁的眼睛最亮I have a ruler.Lead inI have a tennis ballhave有Make sentences with have.(用have说句子)I don’t have a ruler.I don’t have a volleyball.Make sentences with don’t have.(用don’t have说句子)Group work I have a basketball,but I don’t have a soccer ballbasketballsoccer ballvolleyballtennis ballping-pong ballbaseball batpong-pong batWelcome to my room.欢迎来到我的房间。I have a I don’t have a .I have a backpack .Do youYes, I do.have 有 I have a basketball.Do you Yes, I do..I have a soccer ball .Do youNo,I don’t..I have an apple .Do youNo,I don’t.don’t have没有No,I don’t. I don’t have a ring .Do youI have a basketball.Do you have a soccer ballI have a soccer ball.Do you have a basketballDo you have a basketballYes,I do.Yes,I do.No, I don’t.No, I don’t.Do you have a soccer ballJimMikeDo you have atennis racketPing-pong baseballTVsoccer ballbasketballvolleyballYes, I do. No, I don’t.Do you have acomputerYes, I do.No, I don’t.Listen and circle the words you hear.ping-pong bat soccer ballVolleyball computer game1bMickey同步学习P71 while listening 2.再听一遍,尝试说出下面问句的答语Boy1 Do you have a ping-pong batBoy2 Yes, I do.Boy1 Do you have a ping-pong ballBoy2 No, I don’t.Listen and repeat.He has a jacket.She has a tape player.has有Make sentences with has.(用has说句子)√Mickey has a ping-pong bat.But he doesn’t have a computer game.doesn’tdoes notdoesn’t 动词原形have-hasDoes she have a schoolbagYes, she does.Does he have a schoolbagNo, he doesn’t.Does she have a tennis racketYes, she does.√does 动词原形She has ...Does he have a soccer ballNo, he doesn’t.He doesn’t have...A Does XXX have a soccer ballB Yes, he/she does. No, he/she doesn’t.Group workListen and number the things [1-4].1Listening 2a324Listen again. Match the pictures in 2a with the balls.Listening2b123 4Conversation1Bob Do you have a soccer ball, PaulPaul No, I don’t.Bob Does your brother Alan have onePaulYes, he does.Listen and repeatConversation2JohnHi,Mike.MikeHi,John.JohnI want to play basketball. Do you have a basketballMikeYes, I do.John Great.Conversation3Jane Hi,Sally.SallyHi, Jane.JaneSally,this is my friend,Anna.SallyHi,Anna.Nice to meet you.JaneNice to meet you,too.SallyLet’s play tennis. Do you have a tennis ball,JaneJaneSorry,I don’t.Conversation4Frank Do you have a volleyball,DallDale No, I don’t.But my brother does. Let’s go and find him.Does he have a Memory gameAlice Do you have a Bob Yes, I do. I have a /No, I don’t. I don’t have a Cindy Does Bob have a Dale Yes, she/he does. He/She has a No, she/he doesn’t. He/She doesn’t have a 四人一组Do they have a tennis racketYes, they do. No, they don’t. They have a.They don’t have a.soccer ballWe have a good time in your home.过得愉快两人一组,用下面的问题提问,并由其中一人就自己和朋友的情况做一个报告。Report I have a , but I don’t have a Jim is my friend. He has a, but he doesn’t have a A Do you have a B Yes, I do. I have a /No, I don’t. I don’t have a 一、 看图说出下列物品的英语单词。rcisesbasketball soccer ball volleyball baseballbaseball bat ping-pong ballping-pong bat tennis二、 句型转换1. Do you have a map 作肯定回答2. Do you have an English dictionary 作否定回答3. Does Linda have an eraser 作肯定回答4. Does he have a volleyball 作否定回答5. I have a nice ping-pong bat. 用she来代替I ______ _______ a nice ping pong bat.Yes, I do.No, I don’t. Yes, she does. No, he doesn’t.She has三、 根据汉语提示完成句子。1. 你有一只棒球拍吗_____ you ______ a baseball _____2. 埃里克有一个网球吗_____ Eric ______ a _______ ball3. 戴尔有一个足球和一个排球。Dale _____ a ______ ball and a _________.4. 我有一个篮球和一只乒乓球拍。I _____ a _________ and a ping pong ____.Do haveDoes have tennishas soccer volleyballhave basketballbatbat笔记 Unit5Do you have a ping-pong bat你有一个乒乓球拍吗Yes,I do. 是的,我有。No, I don’t. I have a volleyball.不,我没有。我有一个排球。don’t do nothave 有1.I have.我有。。。I have a soccer ball. have 在he, she, it 后面要变成has。否定句 I don’t have a soccer ball.我 没有 一个足球。Does he/she have a soccer ball 他/她有一个足球吗Yes,he/she does. 是的,他/她有。No, he/she doesn’t. He/She has a baseball.不,他/她没有。他/她有一个棒球。doesn’t does nothave第三人称单数has2.3.He/She has 他/她有。。。We’re late 我们迟到了 be late for. 迟到 Let’s go让我们走吧Let’s do sth. “(让)我们做某事吧。”表示建议。let’s let us肯定回答一般用That sounds good.(那听起来很 )/OK. 的 / All right. 的 / Great. 了/ Good idea. 否定回答一般用sorry, I Let me get it.让我们 到 吧。4.5.